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Since the opening of Austria's first Bungy jumping center in May of 1991 several Austrian celebrities have jumped off the Jauntalbrücke. Among others:

Carinthia's govenor
David Zwilling
Benny Wendt
Austrian Ski Jumping Youth squad 
Austrian National Biking Team 
Austrian National Skiing Team 
Austrian National Rowing Team 
Jimmy Steiner
Familie Höflehner
ÖSV - National Team
Anton Dworak (oldest jumper at 87 years)
6 quadriplegic tennis pros
American Football players
Ski-Freestyle National Team including Vice World Champion Christian Rijavec (who impressively demonstrated his talent with a triple flip and a triple turn)
Several soccer players from the Bundesliga
In the meantime we have also set some unbeaten records such as:
World's first wedding on a bungy cord Erste (1993)
First bungy jump with a full rafting boat (6 People)
9 (!) people on one bungy cord 
Oldest european bungy jumper at 87 years 
Bike- and snowboard jumps
Tandem precision jump above ground (pulling lots out of a small container)
Jumping with a paragliding safety parachute
Rocket Shot with a mountainbike
Rocket Shot with a parachute opening
Jumping with a motorcycle (250ccm Motocross)
Show of strength by Martin Hoi who held the bungy cord of a tandem jump with nothing but his muscle power (jumping weight of over 100kg) 
WORLD RECORD! JUMP by Stuntdriver Günter Schachermayer with his Vespa from the Jauntalbrücke!


VESPA JUMP from the Jauntalbrücke!

World Record


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