requirements for adventure                                                


Bungy Jumping

Single Jump Tandem jump
Minimum weight 50 kg min 50 kg per person
Maximum weight 150 kg ~150 kg (both combined!)
Hot Rocket Bungy Single shot  
Minimum weight 60 kg the special harness is the limiting factor
Maximum weight 105 kg
Vertical Running no limit the special harness is the limiting factor
Jungle Swing no limit 8 years and up

Minimum age for all activities except Jungle Swing

18 years (or over 16 years with the consent of a guardian - in person, in writing or over the phone)

Download the consent form here


Reasons for exclusion:

People with a tendency for high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, conditions after head trauma, psychological illnesses, diabetes, epilepsy, glaucoma or deformed skeletal illnesses, as well as people with pacemakers or patients of thrombosis or marcoumar are explicitly forbidden from Bungy Jumping. In case of serious illnesses the participant is required to contact the attending physician prior to jumping. 

We suggest comfortable leisure clothing and low-heeled shoes. For safety reasons, wearing upper body clothing (t-shirt, sweater, etc.) is useful.

Even motorcyclists or people wearing high-heeled shoes can jump. Just take off your shoes/boots before jumping. They will be brought down to you with our cable winch.


Jauntal/Pyhrn Bungy

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