Pro Club Austria

the membership adventure
The "Pro Club Austria" gives you the opportunity to do as many jumps as you want for amazing discounts:


Jauntal Bungy Jump EUR 45,-
for 2nd and more year members EUR 40,-
Mobile Jauntal Events (Crane Jumping) EUR 30,-


Jauntal Bungy Jump EUR 35,-
for 2nd and more year members EUR 30,-
Mobile Jauntal Events (Crane Jumping) EUR 30,-


Furthermore, we offer to teach you special tricks on your jumps upon request. Our repertoire goes from a backward dive, to flips front or back, to a half gainer or handstand-flips - anything is possible!

Our biggest HIT is "Sandbagging": here you take weight (a canister full of water) of about 10kg down with you on your jump. Once you are close to the ground you let go of the canister and drop it into the water. This way your rebound gets a lot more intense for the ultimate thrill ;-)

Just print out the signup form and send it to us with a passport picture. We will send you your membership card right away.

A one year membership is also the perfect gift!


Jauntal/Pyhrn Bungy

A-9113 Ruden

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Phone: +43 4234 222