Jauntal / Pyhrn Bungy Team

the team for your adventure

Dear Bungy Jumper,

in both of our jumping locations Jauntalbrücke and the Staudamm in Klaus you will be welcomed and tended to by a highly professional and perfectly trained team to guarantee your safe and trouble free fun.
On this page you can get to know our individual team members a little bit.

"You have to give your best to guarantee safety"

The Jauntal Bungy Team


Gerhard Grabner
The Boss

Nickname: Harti
Hobbies: Bungy Jumping, biking, skiing & snowboarding, paragliding, diving, skydiving, computers, rafting & kayaking, climbing & bouldering, motorcycles and anything else that's fun!

Contact: grabner@bungy.at
0676 518 519 1

Irmgard & Lara Gritsch
Signup & Diner

Nickname: Irmi
Hobbies: Daughter Lara, Gerhard, tennis, walking, diving, skiing
Part of the team since: 1992

Laura Mayer
Signup & Diner
Nickname: Laura
Part of the team since: 2016

Tobias Loibner
Team Captain
Nickname: Tobi
Hobbies: Climbing & bouldering, sports, nighlife
Part of the team since:  2015
Special: one of our professional climbers ...

Daniel Novak
Co-Team Captain
Hobbies: EDV
Part of the team since:  2017
Special: .communication all over.

Christian Slamanig
Team Captain, Mobile - TC
Nickname: Chris
Hobbies: Computers, marshal arts, climbing, slacklines, bungy jumping 
Part of the team since:  2004
Special: EDV Guru

Armin Plösch
eam Captain, Mobile - TC
Nickname: Armin, Plösche
Hobbies: Daughter Elena, mountainbiking, bungy jumping, climbing, diving, rafting & kayaks 
Part of the team since: 1994
Special: Power Man, Mountainbiker, Climber

Martin Kuschnig
Nickname: Bungy Mike
Hobbies: our BBQ specialist
Part of the team since: 1991


Former team members that still participate in special events: 

Bianca Novak - Signup and diner
Ivonne KUCHERNIG - Signup and diner
Tanja KASSL - Signup and diner
Manuela SCHREIBER (Straßnig) - Sinup
Martina (Tina) STERN - Signup
Marjet Jessernig - Signup
Vroni Lieglein - Signup

Kristof (Krisi) Arnold - TC
Alex Zaufl - TC
Nico Muschnig - Co-TC, Ferryman
Daniel Kaspar - TC
Daniel Fritzsch - Ferryman, Co-TC
Stefan (Stevie) KULMESCH - TC
Patrick (Pat) SCHAGER - Ferryman
Gerhard (Katsche) KATSCHNIG - Ferryman

Alex Zaufl - TC
Christopher Kammersberger - Co-TC
Rene (Renne) SCHLIFNI - Co-TC
Ewald (Ewood) MUSCHNIG - Ferryman, Co-TC
Peter (Petzi) HIRM - Team Captain
Gabriel (Teddy) KUSEJ - Team Captain
Manfred (Mampfi) KROPP - Team Captain
Jürgen (Jesus) KASPAR - Team Captain
Markus (Kokse) KOGLER - Ferryman
Ingomar (Ingo) WRETSCHKO - Ferryman

Also with us since 1991: 

Andreas Ulrich (Ulze), Mario Kapp (Kappe), Michael Kaschnig, Harald Writzl, Marjet Jessernig, Renate Mandl, Vroni Lieglein

... and our unforgettably Bungy dog "ASTA"

I will miss you a lot when you come to jump with us. Sadly, I am already in dog heaven and am watching over you from up here ;-) Because before that, yeah I've done House Running quite a few times! ;-)

Jauntal/Pyhrn Bungy

A-9113 Ruden

Contact us

Phone: +43 4234 222

Email: info@bungy.at